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You don't have to spend hundreds on bringing a drummer to a studio. I can record the drums for you/your producer/your engineer and send them straight to your email as multitrack recordings, ready for mixing.


from £59 per song

All online drum session work is done through my dedicated website, THEVIRTUALDRUMMER


I can travel to your studio of choice almost anywhere in the UK. I have transport so can bring any of my own drums kits, snares, and cymbals to your studio of choice, or I can use whatever drum kit the studio provides.


from £150 per day +travel

(and accomodation where applicable)


I started playing drums in 1995, when I was 12 years old, whilst at school. Lessons back then were free so I pushed through as many of the grades as I could before I left. I got my Grade 8, with distinction, aged 18 in the spring term of my last year of 6th form! I was mostly in to jazz drumming growing up which helped me develop an understanding of "playing for the song", knowing where to hold back and where to push more. I was in various school orchestras, bands, and theatre pits and my school's wind band actually did two tours in the Netherlands and Germany, playing to other schools and at events!

Aged 17, I joined my first rock band. We were together for about four years, playing all over Oxfordshire and London. We recorded in various studios, and that's where I first found my love of studios (more on that later). This band eventually broke up, as most do, and I joined others. In fact, after this band broke up I had my first professional session gig with a band playing at Trust Fest back in 2001. I joined various other bands over the years before taking a break from bands in 2006 when I moved to Brighton. I continued to work as a session drummer during this time, working in studios all over the UK, and also as a teacher achieving a 100% pass rate with all my students.


In 2014, I finally joined a band for the first time in eight years after producing their 3rd album and enjoying their music. We toured Europe and the US several times and recorded the 4th album before I left the in 2017 to concentrate on my studio, session work, and production.

in 2018, I joined another band... on bass! I continue to perform as a live drummer for a select few artists who I have worked with for a few years. 

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