analogue Mixing


Fully mixed on my ALLEN&HEATH GL4000 console and my various outboard compressors, effects, and more.


Starting at just £129, you can send up to 36 individual (mono) audio stems for mixing. 


£129 per song, up to 24 mono stems

£169 per song, up to 30 mono stems

£209 per song, up to 36 mono stems


3-5 working days


+£99 for additional revisions


24bit 48kHz WAV - for digital distribution

16bit 48kHz WAV - for CD duplication

320kpbs mp3 - for all other uploads


+£25 per minute over five minutes

+£20 for a timelapse video of the process


Send you stems, I will load them up in Logic then route them all back to out my fully analogue ALLEN&HEATH GL4000 console. Everything is then mixed entirely on the console using the 4-band sweepable EQ and my collection of outboard gear.


As this is fully analogue mix, revisions will involve setting up the mix again and, as such, are charged at larger price than digital mixing. I will try his best to make a note of all settings that are used so, if there are changes that need to be made, the original mix can be recalled as accurately as possible.

This is a really interesting way to have your tracks mixed as it's the way things used to be done before digital technology came along. It relies on well-recorded audio so make sure you're confident that your recording engineer has captured everything as you hoped and that any essential effects are printed to your audio.


ALLEN & HEATH GL4000 Console

4-band fully sweepable British EQ & SSL capacitors on all pre-amps

1176 FET-style Compressor

2x TLA Valve Compressor

2x DBX Dual Compressor

2x FMR Audio "Really Nice" Compressor

6x MDX2600 Gate/Comp/DeEsser/Limiter

Alesis Midiverb 3

Digitech S2000 EFX

1994 Line6 POD v2.0

BM15P Monitors

Absolute Spirit 2 Monitors

KRK5 Monitors